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What is Teaching Table?

Teaching Table is a math app designed for the iPad. We provide a set of digital math manipulatives that educators can use to create custom interactive lessons. These lessons can be shared with students, parents and fellow teachers.

Each Teaching Table widget is designed in collaboration with real educators who face challenges in explaining math concepts to their students. Even after the application is released, we will be continuously providing new digital manipulatives to keep growing Teaching Table’s versatility.

Our Manipulatives

Fraction Widget Symbol
Coins Widget Symbol
Polygons / Shapes
Polygon Widget Symbol
Place Value Blocks
Place Value Block Widget Symbol
Text Widget Symbol
Counter Widget Symbol
Counting Areas
Multiple Choice Questions
Multiple Choice Questions Widget Symbol
Open Ended Answers
Open Ended Answers Widget Symbol
Dice Widget

Quick Tutorial

Infographic showing the basics of Teaching Table

Sharing Lessons

Part of what makes the Teaching Table math app so versatile is the ability to create lessons on your iPad and then share them with students, parents and fellow educators who have the app. Teaching Table allows educators to email saved lessons as an attachment from within the app. Simply tap the “Tools” button (it looks like a gear) next to the “Student Mode” button on the right hand side of the top toolbar. Once you have accessed the options, tap “Email Notebook”. A pop up window will appear in the app that will allow you to input the email address you want to send the lesson to.

Recipients of the email simply have to tap the attached lesson and it will automatically be opened in Teaching Table.

Sharing with an entire class

We are currently working on developing easier ways to share lessons with entire classrooms with the single push of a button.

To share lessons with an entire class using the existing sharing functionality, there are a few different ways it can be done:

1) Create a classroom e-mail account that you can login to to on all your iPads – Creating a single email account that can be logged into on all iPads allows you to send your lessons to a location that all students can access.  Students (or you) can open that account daily and import the lesson into Teaching Table. Configuring the Mail app  on the iPad will prevent you from having to log in every time.
2) Upload lessons to a classroom Dropbox or Google Drive account –  Dropbox and Google Drive are both free options that allow you to host files that can be accessed by any iPad. Dropbox offers a free app that makes accessing classroom accounts a one tap affair. Google Drive can be accessed via the Safari web browser. Uploading to either of the file hosting services will make that lesson available to all devices logged into the account. Once a lesson has been uploaded, all students have to do is tap the lesson and it will automatically be opened in Teaching Table.
If you have any questions about Teaching Table or its functionality, please feel free to email Arie Litovsky (arie@openset.co) or Paul Ingram (paul@openset.co) with your questions.





provides educators and parents with interactive manipulatives to teach math concepts and guide students to mastery.
Requires iOS: 5.0 and up