Educational Apps on – 3 lists we love

By Paul Ingram, Teaching Table

Over the last few months, we have found that is one of the best ways to find educational apps curated by other educators passionate about integrating iPads in the classroom.

Here are 3 lists we love and why :

  1. iPad App Recommendations (K-6) by Sam Glicksman – Sam is an experienced educational technology consultant with an eye for applications that have great potential for your classroom. He is also the founder of the blog iPads in Education and has curated a well thought out list of applications that are flexible enough to  let you be creative with the ways you can use your iPad in your classroom.
  2. Apps and Web 2.0 for the Elementary Toolbox by Angela Naumann – We like Angela’s list because she curates apps that she has actually used in her 4th grade classroom and found useful. Much like the apps in  Sam Glicksman’s list, the apps she selects tend to be flexible enough to allow teachers to modify lessons to the point
  3. Educator’s Essential iPad Toolkit by Sam Glicksman – Another well curated list by Glicksman, this selection of apps focuses on helping teachers use their iPads for  productivity. This list is a great place to start for any teacher who just received a new iPad!

If you don’t have a account, you should think about getting one — it is an easy way to find well thought out lists of educational apps and can save you time when trying to find ways to take using iPads in your classroom to the next level.


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