Frequently Asked Questions

Q) How can I send my lessons to DropBox?


Although we do not support direct sharing with DropBox in our app yet, there are some ways this can be accomplished:

1. Share the lesson by e-mail, then open it on on a desktop computer, and move the file from that e-mail to your DropBoxFolder (you’ll need to have DropBox installed on your desktop or laptop).

2. There is a service called SendToDropBox( https://sendtodropbox.com) that will allow you to e-mail files directly to yourDropBox account. If you have this setup, you can simply use the Share by e-mail feature to the account you setup with SendToDropBox, and it should automatically put it in your DropBox account.

Once the recipient has the file, they can open it from the DropBox app or the Mail App (they should see an Open With -> Teaching Table when they tap on the file.


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