•  Teaching Table gives you full control over lessons — The person who knows your class best is, well, you! Our digital manipulatives for act as the foundation for creating interactive examples. How you choose to structure your examples is up to you!
  • Teaching Table can be adapted for any grade level —  Teaching Table’s digital manipulatives can be used to create lessons appropriate for any age group. Whether your students are in kindergarten or high school, Teaching Table can be used to explain math concepts of all levels.
  • Tools designed by educators for educators — Each digital manipulative is designed in collaboration with real educators. Even after the app is launched, we will be continously providing new tools and updates based on teacher’s new needs.
  • Save and share your lessons— Each time you create a new lesson, you can save it and share it with other teachers and students!

All interactive examples are designed to meet and exceed Core Standards requirements.


provides educators and parents with interactive manipulatives to teach math concepts and guide students to mastery.
Requires iOS: 5.0 and up