Guest App Review: Kids Academy 123 Tracing

By Jennifer Birch

Today’s math app review is 123 Tracing. Developed by Kids Academy, this math mobile app brings fun-riddled and engaging activities to help kids learn numbers. By tracing figures on the screen, kids are able to get in the habit of writing and forming numbers, which are reinforced by the added verbal and visual interaction.


In what ways can 123 Tracing benefit the young ones?


Similar to Juicy Math, the gameplay of 123 Tracing implements the idea of associating numerical concepts with counting. They can trace numbers from 1-10, following the path laid out by arrows. Scattered along the lines are fluttering fireflies of various colors that are waiting to be traced by the finger. When kids move over the firefly it will automatically be “caught” and placed into the jar collection.

Frequent Repetition

The application uses the repetition approach where kids will need to trace the numbers as they catch a firefly twice. They first follow the app in a guided manner, and then repeat it during an independent round. Also, a male or a female voice-over can be chosen to give positive feedback at every level. If a mistake is made, the app simply says “Oops,” while kindly letting the child know his errors. According to TheAppHut, this feature not only unleashes a kid’s knack for math, but it’s also a way of building their confidence.

Hand-eye coordination

This math app serves as a good practice to develop hand-eye coordination skills, which usually develops starting at 15 months to three years of age. After a kid masters the art of tracing numerical symbols using their hands, they can upgrade to using a stylus to practice their pencil grip. Aside from the words of encouragement, successful number writing is rewarded with an extra jar of virtual fireflies, which they can release to help them trace more difficult figures.

Parent Mode

The Parent  Mode feature is used to track the progress of a child. Moms will have to create a profile complete with pictures filed under a tab for easier tracking. There is a special stats page which shows the progress, revealing the numbers the kid has mastered, and the ones they still have to master.

For classroom use, TopAppCharts notes that the app is an effective tool to implement Active Learning, allowing kids to process new information in a relaxed format. Playtime turns into productive learning, teaching the basic skills to help them prepare for more complex operations.

The bottom line here is that Kids Academy 123 Tracing is a fundamental jump start to introduce kids in recognizing and writing numbers. This is a skill which children need to master before understanding complex math lessons. It has good sound effects and graphical styling that makes it engaging all throughout the session.


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