Guest Article: Verizon Education Bundle

By Rachel Hodges

We’re fortunate to be able to say that technology is beginning to have a real impact in classrooms, not just for high school and college students, but even in early childhood education. As someone with a developing expertise in childhood schooling with a deep interest and firm belief in the use of technological programs in engaging students, I’m always on the lookout for any sort of teaching tool. And in doing some research, I have come to one important conclusion: they’re out there but can be difficult to narrow down.

Technology’s impact in teaching young students is becoming clearer and clearer, and one result of this development is that there are now endless apps and programs geared toward education. The truth is, many of them are just fabulous! But I believe in blending our children’s growing aptitude in technology with stimulating entertainment, and like to seek out programs that can help to accomplish this goal, such as those featured in the Verizon education bundle.

This particular bundle of apps features a number of carefully created tools that can both help your children to learn and keep them engaged over time, which consistently proves to be a valuable combination in early childhood education. Online, you’ll find a few featured apps, such as BrainPop – a cartoonish but highly educational app for use by young students and teachers alike; Copia, a wonderful e-reading guide of sorts that can help parents and teachers to find age-appropriate reading material available electronically; and even access to trial-basis tutoring services.

The education bundle also provides further advice on mobile education apps, for both the Apple and Android app stores. The apps are divided into categories based on school level (as in, early childhood, elementary school, middle school and high school), with extensive sub-categories listed for each level. Of course, not every app you find therein will be the best choice for you, your child or your student, and not every tool is relevant to every situation. But in sifting through the hundreds of education-based apps on the market, this is a fabulous tool for helping you to find those special tools that keep your child both entertained and engaged in education!


This is a post by graduate student Rachel Hodges. Rachel is in the process of wrapping up a Master’s degree in early childhood education, and has devoted special focus to studying and tracking the impact of technology in childhood education.


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