Haiku Deck App Review

By Rebecca McPherson, Teaching Table

Today, I want to review an awesome app called  Haiku Deck, a simple yet creative way to create slide presentations with photos and text.  Not only do I create presentations for my class, but my students create them for their own presentations as well.

The key to how easy the app is to use is in its simplicity. I love the intuitive design of the user interface; it’s much easier for my students to use than Microsoft PowerPoint or other presentation software I’ve used in the past. Students can focus on the content (a mere two power packed lines) and the photo.

There are just a few key options:

1. Choose a theme.

2. Tap to type in the text.

3. Select an image to be the background. This is my favorite part. After typing in the text, a list of the words from the text will appear. All students have to do is tap on the word they want a picture of. They can also type in a search for images, or they can import images from the iPad camera roll.

4. Choose a layout.

5. Add a new slide and repeat!

How I’m using Haiku Deck App in the Classroom

As a third grade teacher, one of my favorite things to teach my students is how to take their learning into their own hands. While it is important to me to teach quality lessons, it is even more important to me that my students leave my class knowing how to teach themselves. I want my students to learn how to ask questions, know what resources are available for them to research the answers, and then have various ways to share their learning with others.

To practice these skills, my class decided to focus on researching countries around the World. We’re spending six weeks on each continent; this round we’ve been working on researching countries in Asia. Each group chose their own country, each with a slightly different focus. Some are fascinated by the food, clothing, and religious aspects of their country, while others are interested in learning more about the native animals, the famous people, or the history of their country.

Currently, I’m working with groups on ways for them to share their research. I have 4 netbooks in my classroom and my iPad–all of which are being fully utilized. I have students typing letters from their created over-seas “Pen Pal,” some using Microsoft Publisher to create a newsletter, others typing scripts for their puppet show or skit, and several posters being made.

One group in particular did an incredible job researching Turkey. They came to me last week wondering how they could create a presentation with pictures to be the backdrop to their News Report. All my computers were in use at the moment, but I had just downloaded Haiku Deck to my iPad a couple nights before. After easily creating a presentation to introduce a new concept in science, I thought it would be a great app for student-created presentations as well.

I intended on sitting down with these two students to teach them how to use Haiku Deck. However, as soon as I opened the app with them, another teacher came into my class with some questions. I instructed them to go ahead and experiment with the app and that I would help them in a little bit. I figured they would figure out how to enter text, maybe create a new slide, and then wait for help. When I returned to their group after ten minutes to see what questions they had, I was astounded to find their presentation almost done: text typed in, appropriate photos selected, and an impressive looking presentation almost ready to go. All 9 slides!

Whether I’m creating presentations to teach lessons to my students or having my students create presentations to teach me, Haiku Deck is now my favorite presentation tool.


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  1. Catherine Carr, October 22, 2012
    Thanks so much for this great write-up, Arie! We love hearing about how teachers and students are using Haiku Deck in the classroom. Glad to hear it was so intuitive to use! Take care, Catherine from the Haiku Deck team

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