Keeper App Review

By Rebecca McPherson, Teaching Table

Today’s app review is about Keeper – an app for securely storing and accessing your private information and passwords. Keeper takes the frustration out of having to remember tons of passwords for different websites, and as I’ve found out, makes quickly accessing different educational and administrative websites a breeze.

Educators have a double job; we are not only required to be good teachers but good employees as well. As such, we must be great at multi-tasking to survive. After several years of teaching I’m starting to feel confident in my instruction, but still find it difficult to balance both of these roles.

When I received an iPad from my district, I decided to find apps that would help me be a better employee. Jobs like checking my email, replying to the emails in a timely manner, and checking attendance on time were on my list of ways to improve. The iPad makes it easier for me to do these things, even while walking to the office, taking my students to electives, or waiting for students at the bathroom. I am now an email checking-attendance taking-multi-tasking machine!

With the iPad, I can access all the information I need to be a great educator, including my district’s curriculum site, class attendance, classroom behavior management site, online grade book, math textbook site, reading textbook site, my class website, and other websites I have subscriptions to for my classroom. I carry them all around with me on one device–the joys of having an iPad!

However, just as with my laptop, there are different usernames and passwords associated with each one of these sites (some of which frequently change). I thought I had mastered this problem by keeping a list of them on my iPhone (a step up from the piece of paper my dad keeps in his wallet). However, I found that while using my amazing, time-saving iPad, I was constantly having to pause, pull out my phone, look up the correct username/password combo, and then type them in. Such a cumbersome way to access the information I need, especially with a full class watching and waiting.

It didn’t take me long to seek out a solution; I found Keeper. After reading the reviews and doing some research online, I gave it a try. This app has radically changed how I use my iPad. I simply entered my usernames and passwords for all the different websites I use in my classroom (thank you iPhone list!) All I have to type in is the one master password and I have easy access to every single website I use all day long-the usernames and passwords are already generated.


I’m sure I must look pretty funny walking my students down the hall to electives in the mornings: I have my iPad in hand and my eyes on my students as I open Keeper, type my one password for the day, open my attendance site, tap, tap, submit. All without missing a beat. My secretary wants to know what’s changed this year, why I’m not on her “Please submit your attendance” call list any more. I just smile, walk through the front office, check my mailbox, and return to my classroom. Maybe I can sit down and breathe for a moment; I already checked my email while walking back.

The Bottom Line : Download it! The app is free and lets you store passwords locally on one device. If you want to sync multiple devices, it costs $9.99 per device.

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