Math App Review – Hungry Guppy

by Paul Ingram, Teaching Table

Today’s featured math app review is Hungry Guppy by Motion Math — a great math app that  introduces the concept of counting to children of ages 3-5. Hungry Guppy’s development team at Motion Math have been very sensitive to the amount of complexity that toddlers can handle and have created a simple to use game that can be played in a matter of minutes after download. We do suggest that a parent take the time to read and explain the instructions to the child, but they are short and to the point. Parents can also review the “Parent Guide” , the app’ internal documentation that offers good detail around the game-play and how each concept lines up next to the common core standards.

Gameplay is simple and catchy – kids use floating counters that they feed to the Guppy based on the number of dots that the guppy must eat to complete the level. After each level, the guppy gets larger. The difficulty of game play increases slightly based on how comfortable the player is with each concept. At its simplest, it calls back memories of an educational version of Hungry Hungry Hippos — simply feed the correct number of dots to the guppy and advance to the next level. As the child’s understanding of counting increases, they replace the dots with numbers and then dots and numbers.

Bottom Line — We love it! It’s a great way to encourage your child to adopt basic math concepts early and it blends a tactile experience with an engaging digital one.

Pick this math app up in the app store for $2.99

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