Math App Review – Juicy Math

By Paul Ingram, Teaching Table

Today’s math app review is of Juicy Math – a neat app for practicing addition and subtraction for children who know their numbers (we think the perfect age for this is 3-5). The app is pretty catchy, making use of a set of colorful fruit that helps keep kids engaged.

The game-play in this math app is pretty simple  – kids use interactive fruit pieces and tiles to come up with solutions for addition and subtraction questions. Problems are set up with pieces of fruit in boxes on screen. As kids tap each piece of fruit an incremental count is kept. Once kids are ready to solve the math problem, they can drag number tiles to complete the equation.

A great touch that the developers of this math app have added is a dynamic progress tracker for parents, allowing you to monitor how your kid is using the app and how they are doing.

Juicy Math’s game-play encourages kids to strengthen the association of how counting objects is related to subtraction and addition. It also reinforces the association of abstract numerical concepts with counting, giving children a chance to practice associating numbers with groups of items.

The bottom line? Its a good math app for keeping your kids interested in practicing addition and subtraction and the progress tracker is a fantastic way for parents to stay involved in their child’s learning process.

For the iPod, iPad and iPhone. Pick this math app up in the app store for $1.99

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