Math App Review – Marble Math

By Paul Ingram, Teaching Table

For our first math app review, we have chosen to check out Marble Math – an engaging way for younger math students to practice different math skills based on their age range. Parents can select from simple objectives such as practicing two digit addition all the way up to fractions and division.

Marble Math’s game play is actually really fun – unfortunately we didn’t have any kids on staff to help test this part, so our resident child, Paul, elected to give this math app a run. Marble Math is set up like old school tilt-a-maze games, with the objective being to collect numbers that solve the math problem posed to the student. Moving the marble can be done two ways: simply by dragging the marble or by making use of the iPad’s tilt sensors. The latter is more challenging and infinitely more fun.

Unlike traditional tilt-a-maze games, players can earn bonuses that allow them to dodge maze walls and earn extra lives to keep the game going. Aside from being a great game, the creators of Marble Math have added a “Show Me” feature that lets your student or child check their answers if they get stuck.

The math app itself is paid but at $1.99, it’s worth the money – there are no crazy ads that interrupt game play and there are no in-app purchases for your students to “accidentally” buy more points or options.

Our overall recommendation? Go for it!


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provides educators and parents with interactive manipulatives to teach math concepts and guide students to mastery.
Requires iOS: 5.0 and up