Math App Review – My Math Flash Cards App

by Paul Ingram, Teaching Table

My Math Flash Cards App did not strike me visually when I first opened up the application , but I was pleasantly surprised! What it lacked in flashy graphics, it made up for in practicality.  I can hands down say this is the most consistent app I have come across for practicing math facts. It covers operational concepts from addition to division. Users can pick the question difficulty and get started right away.

The app itself follows a rote approach to problem solving (think Kumon ), where users can set a timer to solve as many problems as they can. This type of practice routine will appeal to some — I know I used to love this when I was growing up. The app is not for children looking for a game-like experience (see Rocket Math for that) or for introducing new math concepts (shameless plug for Teaching Table), but it is a great way to encourage practicing new concepts.

All of this being said, I can honestly say that for parents trying to encourage their kid to memorize math facts on the road or even at home, My Math Flash Cards App  is the way to go. It’s simple, consistent and drives the concepts home.


About Teaching Table

Teaching Table is a set of digital manipulatives for the iPad. Educators can use theTeaching Table math app to create interactive math lessons to share with their students, parents and fellow educators. To learn more about our application, click here. You can also find us on the App Store.


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