Math App Review – Numbers League

By Bent Castle

Today’s featured math app review is Numbers League, a great math app that helps kids practice and exercise their mental math skills.

The Number League development team at Bent Castle have managed to inject a certain degree of novelty into what might otherwise be a rote and boring task — practicing mental math. We do suggest that the parent or child take the time to figure out the instructions (we played an “intro” round, and it was enough to get us started!).  Game play is not incredibly complicated but there are a few different ways you can interact with the app which, while making gameplay more interesting, also increases the time it takes to learn how to play.

The game itself  is really well developed – the superheroes are original and the developers did not skimp on the design and graphics. Gameplay is pretty catchy – kids start off by creating “randomly generated” superheroes by spinning 3 “slot machine” reels. Each reel influences either the head, torso or legs of the hero. So for example, your child or student would spin the reel that is associated with the head and get a number 2, spin the reel for the torso and get a 3 and spin the reel for the legs and get a 1. Your “randomly” generated hero would now have a value of  6, the sum of all the body parts. The actual sum of the body parts is not shown — your kids will have to do the math on that one. Once the hero has been generated, kids can challenge villans who have the same value as their hero. Unlike the heroes, villans only have 1 number — the “total”. Based on the example hero from the previous step, we would be able to fight any villan with the number “6”.

To add additional complexity, kids can “gear up” and raise the value of their heroes. Giving your hero a +5 gear card will raise the total value of your hero by that much. Going back to our previous example, the hero would now be valued at 11 (up 5 from it’s original value of 6).

Once a player gets in the swing of the app, it moves quickly — the randomly generated heroes help turf up new problems quickly and the additional ways to augment hero values help keep your kids entertained.

Bottom Line — It’s pretty cool math app to break the monotony of practicing basic mental math skills..

Pick this math app up in the app store for $3.99.

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