Math App Review – Rocket Math

By Paul Ingram, Teaching Table

Math app Rocket Math brings back memories of some of my favorite math games from when I was in elementary school – games where the environment was just as fun as solving the problems.

In Rocket Math, you start by building a rocket — each part costs money which you earn by completing math problems. The app has no shortage for customizable pieces which leads to a fully customized rocket that any child will love building. The fun does not stop once your rocket is built — you can launch your rocket and  use the ipad’s internal gyroscope to steer your rocket through space!

Space also offers a whole extra world of entertainment — players engage in missions to solve different math problems such as finding all the even numbers. The environment is catchy – Rocket Math makes great use of the iPad’s retina display and turfs up colorful objects that kids can tap to complete mission goals.

The bottom line here : Rocket Math is a well made math app that will definitely keep your student or child entertained. The customizability of the rocket and game play ensure many uses and the variable difficulty settings help keep this app challenging through the year. You can find Rocket Math on the App Store.


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